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My Name

My name is Joachima, but everyone calls me Kim.  My mother named me Joachima when a priest informed her that "Kim" is is not found in scripture and that she couldn't use that name alone for me.  So, the search was on!  In biblical history, it is noted that Joachim and Anna were the parents of Mary, mother of Jesus, and therefore the female version of that name was given to me.  Joachima is Hebrew in origin, and means "established by Yaweh."


My Heart

If you listen to my prayer song, BE GLORIFIED, it pretty much expresses my heart. My mission is to help people experience the awesome, living presence of our God through music.  My desire is for all my words, all my deeds, and even my dreams to glorify Him.  My passion is to see hearts transformed by grace through Jesus Christ.  My prayer is that He will find me to be a faithful and open vessel that He can flow through to accomplish His will.


My Testimony

Just before Christmas 2011, I was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer.  Somewhere between chemotherapy & radiation, my husband, Jim suffered a major heart attack & brain hemorrhaging, requiring extensive rehabilitation.  God is still God, even in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances.  By faith, we both held on to the Word, knowing that He promises never to leave nor forsake us. Only by grace, we are  both well  now and serving the Lord with a new testimony - Our God is an Awesome God!   Our testimony is told through this music ministry.  


Growing up in a single parent household,  there is a special place in my heart for those who grew up without a father.  I never knew nor did I ever see a picture of my biological father. Going through the process of discovering God as my Father, and finding completeness and unconditional love in Him has become my testimony and my song.


Growing up in New Jersey, It seems like I always had a desire to play music, and received my first guitar as a birthday present at age 10.  I was raised in the Catholic faith, and played in church services with what was then called the folk guitar mass.  I was writing songs as a teenager, and began my Christian walk, accepting Jesus as my Savior in 1977 after meeting (then boyfriend, now husband) Jim, who influenced me greatly by allowing his faith in Christ to show through his words and deeds on a college campus!


Jim was born in Oak Hill, W.V., and made his decision to follow Christ in 1972 after serving in the U.S. Marines, upon his return from Vietnam.  We have three children, Christopher (who is married to Adia), Michael, and Eric (now married to Sara).  We are also grandparents!  Chris and Adia have a daughter, Mayden Rae, born June 20, 2005, and  a son, Cameron Jude, born June 18, 2007.  I have a degree in social work.  Jim's degree is in psychology, and he served as a counselor for troubled teens for 27 years.


I served on the worship team at our home church, Chestnut Assembly Of God in Vineland, NJ during the 1980's & 1990's as a musician, vocalist, and worship leader.  In 2000, I was asked to lead the worship team at Evangel Assembly Of God in Mays Landing, NJ, where we have been serving ever since.  (Jim serves as the sound technician).  


With about 100 songs written,  I began recording my music so that I could leave a legacy of praise to our children (and now, grandchildren).   Others were asking for songs to take home with them,  and that led to the birth of my CD, Created To Worship, which was completed in 2004, and STAND, released in 2009.  Together, Jim & I minister at our local fellowship,  as well as churches, coffeehouses, festivals, & other venues as the Lord allows.  I have been leading worship, sharing my songs & testimony, and Jim does all the rest!  It is with humbled hearts that we share the love of our Lord and Savior through this ministry with you.

Joachima & Eric Speer
Our furry son
Cameron & Mayden
Christopher, Michael, & Eric
Beautiful Sky
Joachima &
Somers Point, NJ
Joachima at Transformation Church
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